Paul Haggis co-authoring book on David Miscavige

Posted January 5th, 2011

Manhattan-based entertainment website Gawker has the news that Paul Haggis, Academy Award winning director of Crash and former member of the Scientology organization, will be co-authoring an exposé on the group and its leader David Miscavige.

Haggis spent 35 years as a Scientologist before angrily and publicly ditching the cult in 2009 after he became convinced that leader David Miscavige is a violent nut. He hasn’t spoken publicly about Scientology since, but a “blown” celebrity (to use the Scientological term for leaving the fold) like Haggis is Scientology’s worst possible nightmare—it can smear and threaten rank-and-file detractors all it wants, but when one of its former leading lights is making the charges, it’s harder to strike back.

Co-authoring the book with Haggis is Lawrence Wright (Looming Tower), whose agent calls the book “the most profound reckoning to date” of Scientology and Miscavige.

Haggis first left the group after it supported the anti-gay marriage ordinance Proposition 8 in the 2008 California election. He later decried the routine practice of Disconnection and the use of auditing files for blackmail.

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