There are numerous lawsuits ongoing against the Scientology Organization and/or its founder, David Miscavige.  They are:

  • John Lindstein v David Miscavige, et al (PDF,  658kb)

  • Filed November 2009
    …the Scientology Enterprise is controlled by Defendant David Miscavige… Defendant Miscavige is the chief perpetrator of the torts and violations of law alleged herein including the crime of human trafficking.
  • Marc Headley v Church of Scientology International (CSI) (PDF, 679kb)

    Filed January 5 2009
    “Defendant[s]… apparently claim that workers such as Plaintiff Headley are not covered by the labor laws. The excuse usually involves some sort of claim for religious exemption and/or blanket waiver of legal rights by CSI’s entire work force…. the great weight of authority is contrary to Defendant CSI’s self-granted immunity from state and federal labor laws.
    “Plaintiff worked for CSI from 1989 to 2005… including 100+ hour weeks at below minimum wage, no compensation for overtime and insufficient time off. The work week was seven days not six as required by law. When Plantiff worked for CSI, it essentially ignored the law on minors and workers.
    “…to keep him in line, Plaintiff was assaulted by the leader of the Scientology enterprise.
  • Claire Headley v Church of Scientology International (CSI) (PDF, 87kb)

    Filed January 20 2009; First Amended Complaint April 20 2009
    “The head of RTC [Religious Technology Center], David Miscavige, is responsible for setting and enforcing the significant business practices of both Defendants CSI and RTC, including rules against minimum wage, overtime pay and having children.”
    “In the course of, and by reason of her employment with Defendants, Plaintiff was ordered to have abortions, at her expense, and in fact was coerced and intimidated into having abortions to keep her job with Defendant. Plaintiff is informed and believes that Defendants continue to ignore labor laws and coerce pregnant workers into forced abortions.”
    “Plaintiff was not allowed to have other employment or source of income… Plaintiff was not free to leave Gold Base.
  • Laura Ann DeCrescenzo v Church of Scientology International (CSI) (PDF, 210kb)

    Filed April 1 2009; First Amended Complaint May 12 2009
    “Plaintiff started working for a Scientology organization in her hometown at the age of nine. She obtained a work permit and became effectively a full-time employee of Scientology from age ten. At age 12, Plaintiff signed her first “Contract of Employment”. She left school, home and family to work for the Church of Scientology International (“CSI”). This required that plaintiff move to another state. She was married to a co-worker at age sixteen, became pregnant while still a minor and was coerced by CSI to have an abortion at age seventeen. Plaintiff escaped in 2004 at age twenty-five. For over 13 years, Plaintiff worked under illegal conditions and for illegal pay.”