David Miscavige secretly taped Tom Cruise?

Posted May 17th, 2010

Marty Rathbun, 27 year veteran of the Sea Organization and former Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center, alleges on his blog that David Miscavige (DM) ordered the video and audio recording of private auditing sessions with Tom Cruise in 2001.

Marty reports on his blog the following:

Well, my suspicions about DM’s real purposes for recording Tom’s confessions have been confirmed as warranted. I have recently learned from a very reliable witness that DM regularly held court with others in his personal lounge in the roadside Villas at the Int base, and while sipping scotch whiskey at the end of the night, Miscavige would read Tom’s overts and withholds from my reports to others, joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions. My witness is unimpeachable in my eyes as his account contains too many accurate details from someone who had zero reason (or ability) for being anywhere near Tom’s folders, videos and reports direct to DM.

Read Marty’s full post on his site.

Amy Scobee, a former Gold Base staffer who recently wrote Scientology: Abuse At The Top, when asked in an interview with PopEater about these allegations, offers allegations her own:

David Miscavige talked about people’s private confidential information. I witnessed this myself. I included some specifics of this in my book regarding another celebrity. He also did it to staff — snickering about things that came up in their confessionals and TELLING the specifics to whoever was at the meeting with him at the time. He did that to me. And he did that to many, many others. Including calling all-base staff briefings and reporting embarrassing details about supposed transgressions in order to intimidate people. One of my friends told me how Miscavige and he were standing outside when staff were walking between buildings — like for lunch break or something — and he pointed to random people giving “tid-bits” on each one as they passed, to “prove” how much “in the know” he is. It’s a complete violation of the priest-penitent privilege and a total invasion of privacy.

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